Dr Fiona Smulders ND
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Natural Health


My Mission

True health occurs when there is a balance in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of who we are. My mission is to support your healing by helping you identify and reduce sources of stress, optimize your nutrition and fitness, treat the root cause of your health concerns, and enliven your spirit and your connection to yourself, nature and community.


Make Your Own Medicine

I believe your connection to nature plays an important role in your health and wellness, this is why I offer additional information on local medicinal plants of the Pacific NorthWest and guidelines on how to make your own natural remedies!


Natural Health Products

I am passionate about promoting the use of natural herbal products that are free from additives, chemicals and carcinogens. I am currently developing a line of skin care products and tea blends to optimize your healing and beauty care.

Stay tuned, Coming soon!


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